Bring home the same power and performance experienced by chefs and restaurants around the globe. This compact design simplifies everyday kitchen tasks and creates whole-food meals, while fitting easily under most kitchen cabinets.

Create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts in one machine.  It’s beyond impressive and you could win it!

Vitamix inspires the creation of new, flavorful dishes in both home and restaurant kitchens throughout the world. Explore what you can make with the power, precision, and durability of a Vitamix machine, and learn why it’s so much more than a blender.

Trusted by more professional chefs than any other blender to create fresh, flavorful dishes from whole-food ingredients, Vitamix is in a class all its own. These self-cleaning machines allow you to chop, blend, cream, purée, and more—through every course of the meal—with a single appliance. With commercial quality and unsurpassed engineering, you can buy a Vitamix once and have it for life.

For more information on Vitamix, check out their website for details.

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Question: "1. Name two recipes found on the Vitamix website (Hint: click the website link on this page for the answers). 2. Tell us what product was shown after the Vitamix on the Houida And Friends show."





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